Nothing Better Than This Hood Love (eBook)
Porscha Sterling

Nothing Better Than This Hood Love (eBook)

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While only in middle school, Chellise & Kendrik formed a bond under the most unlikely circumstances. With a mother addicted to crack, Kendrik's parents argued constantly, leading him to sneak off to Chellise's house and seek refuge sleeping on her bedroom floor. Although Chellise's parents forbid her to spend time with Kendrik, in her bedroom in the middle of the night, they secretly built a strong friendship.

When Kendrik's mother is murdered by his father, he pleads guilty to the crime in an effort to save his father, and Chellise loses her friend. Fifteen years later, Chellise is living a dream. She is engaged to one of the sexiest businessmen in the area, and life with him can’t get any better. But her fiancé is a cheater. When his secret affair comes to the surface, Chellise has more than one reason to want to leave him alone.

After serving time for a crime he didn't commit, Kendrik has taken to the streets to make his way through life in light of his troubled past. When a plan gone wrong leads to him running into Chellise, he is reminded just how much he loved the girl who considered him only a friend. The only thing standing in the way of pursuing her is Gianna: his crazy, pregnant girlfriend who has shown she is not above slashing a tire, setting things on fire or even fighting it out in the streets to keep him bound to her.

This was previously titled 'All I Want is Hood Love' by Porscha Sterling

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