Keisha and Trigga Reloaded: The Love Of A Gangster
Porscha Sterling

Keisha and Trigga Reloaded: The Love Of A Gangster

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In this tale of everlasting love and dangerous streets, Keisha & Trigga's relationship is pushed to the limits in ways they never imagined.

The anniversary of the date they lost a child approaches and their relationship is strained and on the brink of disaster as Keisha tries to overcome her feelings of hurt and despair that her past drug abuse and lifestyle is the reason that their child died. The situation is further compounded when Trigga continues to have the same devastating nightmares about coming home to find his entire family murdered, which puts them on edge, only to discover his nightmares are really a stark preview of what is to come; murder, mayhem and bloodshed. Then something far worse than either of them could have ever fathomed comes about when a ruthless killer from their past, suddenly appears with a debt to settle. 

After a deadly shootout at his club, Trigga receives a threat that he needs to come up with $2 million in two weeks or his family will be killed. Money that he doesn’t have. With this threat looming, Trigga turns back into the man of his past who haunted the NYC streets; a man Keisha can no longer tolerate. Then tragedy strikes in the worst way, when their marriage is put to the ultimate test with the entrance of the sexy temptress, Lania. 

With their life crumbling to pieces around them, will Keisha & Trigga be able to hold onto the love they fought so hard for?

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