Keisha and Trigga Reloaded 2: A Gangsta Love Story
Porscha Sterling

Keisha and Trigga Reloaded 2: A Gangsta Love Story

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Keisha & Trigga are back for the long-awaited finale to this gangsta love series. 

The pressure for Trigga is at an all-time high after Keisha is attacked while pregnant with their child. Not knowing whether his wife or unborn child will survive, Trigga tries to find the one he thinks is responsible for putting his family in danger. But being away from the streets for so long has him slipping in ways that could cost the ones closest to him their lives. Will he be able to get back on his feet in time to set things right and get his revenge?

Lania came to New York City with one goal: to help her children's father and Texas drug kingpin, Austin, to put into his place his plan to extort Trigga. But after working so closely with Trigga, she realizes that he, not Austin, may actually be the perfect thug to match her ride-or-die swag. But little can be hidden from Austin and when he finds out that Lania is getting much closer to Trigga than he required of her, he puts out a threat on her life and sets his sights on giving her the same end that he has in place for Trigga. But Lania knows if she can win Trigga's heart, she would earn not only his love but also his protection. Only Keisha lies in her way but Lania has never been one to say no to a challenge and Keisha is just an obstacle she'll have pleasure in removing. 

Keisha & Trigga have managed to survive the threats of the streets in the past and cling on to their love. But this time it isn't only the streets that they are fighting against... other circumstances even have them fighting against each other. Will love win in the end?

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