Keisha and Trigga: A Gangster Love Story (eBook)
Porscha Sterling

Keisha and Trigga: A Gangster Love Story (eBook)

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Ain't NOTHING like a thug...except maybe a fine ass thug with a trigger finger that has no mercy...

Forever the good girl, Keisha can't help that she has an attraction for bad boys. So when she meets Lloyd AKA Black, a rich street king who ruthlessly runs Atlanta and everything in it, she has no problem shedding her good girl image to be his coke-addicted ride or die. But there is one problem---his wife Dior who Lloyd is NOT divorcing although he tells Keisha a different story. After a turn of events that almost ends in bloodshed for Lloyd and Dior at her hands, Keisha swears to never do coke again, goes back to the stripclub, and takes back her job as a bartender. And it is there that she meets Trigga...

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