Gunplay & LeTavia 2: Shawty Want a Thug (eBook)
Porscha Sterling

Gunplay & LeTavia 2: Shawty Want a Thug (eBook)

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This love story is not for the faint of heart…

After a series of events no one saw coming, Gunplay decided to keep his distance from LeTavia to keep her life from spiraling even more out of control than it had since the day he’d placed himself into it. However, the time has come for him to get her back and he’s determined to have her as the lady by his side. 

LeTavia is on her way home from a difficult trip to the clinic, her first step to wash away her past, when she sees Gunplay for the first time in months, looking even more irresistible than ever before. He’s the same old Gunplay, the roughest kind of thug, but there is something else. The savage in him is even wilder than ever before as he struggles to fulfill his need to conquer New York at all costs. Can they put the past behind them and move on to be the couple they once were?

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