Gangland 2: A Real Chicago Love Story
Porscha Sterling

Gangland 2: A Real Chicago Love Story

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As the queen of the Gangstress, Star’s entire life has suddenly changed. She’s swapped out her impoverished lifestyle for one filled with luxury and prestige. However, it also came with the constant threat of violence. Life with Polo is like living with a ticking time bomb, and it doesn’t take her long to realize that she’s caught up in a situation that may kill her if she doesn’t find a way out in time. When she finds real love with the unlikeliest person, she is hopeful that her luck will change. Unfortunately, that’s not at all the case.

Kato awakes from his coma and Polo is eager to find out the details of what exactly happened the night that his brother was killed. Being able to claim Star was the trophy he was seeking, but the nagging in his mind about what really happened to Mink just won’t go away. When he forces Star to assist Kato in gaining back his memory, he unknowingly lays the foundation for an unforeseen romance that just may be the end of them all.

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