The Most Savage Love 2: An Unexpected Love
Porscha Sterling

The Most Savage Love 2: An Unexpected Love

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Being just a young girl in the hood, wanting love but finding it nowhere, Juicy ends up in a situation that she never expected when she's caught up in a love triangle involving the Savage twins. 

Chicago 'Chi' Savage discovers that his own brother has committed the ultimate betrayal when he discovers the ongoing affair that Sin and Juicy have been having behind his back. This sudden shock becomes the impetus to make him get on top of his game and to let go of his addictions. With a clear mind, he refocuses his attention on getting his empire in order, taking over the streets and partnering with a queenpin that can only help him push his name even further. But he can't shake the fact that he still wants Juicy in his life. No matter what they've gone through, he still holds onto the belief that her place is to forever be by his side.

Sin, the so-called more subdued of the two brothers, isn't as innocent as everyone thinks and Juicy soon finds this to be true. It was always said that Chi was the reckless brother with the hot temper and inability to control his actions but Sin isn't without his own faults. When his relationship with Juicy takes a turn for the worse, it leads her to realize that she is looking for love in all the wrong places. But will she ever begin to understand what it means to really love and be loved?

Not all love stories are sugar and sweet... sometimes true love has to go through the fire before it can come out shining bright like a diamond. With Chi intent on getting Juicy back, no matter the costs, will the one man who is used to winning it all actually be victorious in the end or is it all a little too late?

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