Boss Queen 3: A Trap Love Story (eBook)
Porscha Sterling

Boss Queen 3: A Trap Love Story (eBook)

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A crime of passion is one of the worst kinds because, in the end, no one is the victor...

Blinded by love and rage, Queen almost makes the biggest mistake of her life when she nearly ends the life of the one man she's ever loved. When Andre shows her the error of her ways, he not only seeks revenge on Janine, who almost succeeded in tearing him and Queen apart, but he removes Queen from the street life that she cherishes so much and decides to handle their enemies on their own. Will Queen finally learn to lean on him in her moments of weakness? Or will she continue to take matters into her own hands?

Tiffany learns that she is Queen's sister but her hatred of Queen only grows. Now more than ever, she wants to destroy the woman who she blames for everything that has gone wrong in her life...the one woman who has taken every chance she's had at happiness away from her. Swallowing her pride, she runs to her best friend, Meka, the only person she has left who may be able to help her and prays that she doesn't know about the night of lust and passion she shared with Meka's long-time boyfriend, Man-Man. But when she catches up with Meka, she is shocked to find that sleeping with her best friend's man is the least of her concerns and she may be even more alone than she initially thought.

Kelis has settled into a new life with a new man and her child. But she still has the nagging feeling that all is not well. With Andre and Queen wanting her dead, she constantly feels the urge to look over her shoulder and fears that one day, her past will catch up with her. Will she be able to live her life of happiness and bliss in peace or will she one day have to atone for her sins?

Queen is still on the search for answers about her past and the more she learns, the more she sees that everything she thought about her family and her father is a lie. With every revelation that takes place, she realizes more and more that she needs Andre by her side because she can't do it all alone.

In this tale of love, growth and revelation, will Queen be able to become the woman the streets need her to be? Or will she crumble under the pressure of her past?

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