Boss Queen 2: A Trap Love Story (eBook)
Porscha Sterling

Boss Queen 2: A Trap Love Story (eBook)

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The power of love is supposed to be stronger than the power of hate but in the streets of East Harlem, that's not always the case. 

After getting locked up with the help of Tiffany and Kelis, Queen and Dre are forced apart at the time when they need each other the most. When Dre is released from jail, he enlists the help of his attorney, Janine, to get her out. But Janine is also Dre's former flame and though he thought she could put the past behind her in order to focus on business, that just may not be the case. When Janine decides that she doesn't want to let the best man she's ever had get away from her a second time, she takes drastic measures to secure her future with Dre and get rid of the one person standing in her way: Queen. 

With Dre and J-Boy determined to find Tiffany and bring her to justice behind the barrel of a gun, Tiffany runs to the only person who can help her...her best friend, Meka. But although Meka is happy to help her only friend, she is not too keen about Tiffany being too close to her boyfriend, Man-Man. When Tiffany and Man-Man discover one of Meka's best kept secrets that completely altered each of their lives long ago, it becomes evident that Meka may have a very good reason for not wanting the two of them together. 

After clinging to Dre, the only family she's had, for so long, Queen gets a call from her brother, Jawell. Though she's happy to hear from him, he comes forward with information that totally transforms her life. When Jawell suggests that she goes to see someone from Dre's past, she reluctantly agrees and finds out more than she thought she'd ever know about her parents as well as herself. 

In this sizzling sequel to Boss Queen, the focus is love and relationships but the issue is betrayal. With the world against them, will the power of Queen and Dre's love be strong enough to last?

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