Bad Boys Love Good Girls: The Return Of The Outlaw
Porscha Sterling

Bad Boys Love Good Girls: The Return Of The Outlaw

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Can the right woman really make a bad boy change?

Janelle and Outlaw's love story was birthed through struggles that neither one of them ever saw coming but just when they thought they’d reached their happily ever after, their picture-perfect love story comes crumbling down. 

Janelle's dreams are all set to come true when she gets the chance to become the District Attorney of New York City. The only thing making her have second thoughts is the fact that she’s married to the city’s ultimate bad boy, Luke ‘Outlaw’ Murray. With no one around who understands her ambitious goals, she finds a friend in a woman who truly only wants to bring her down. The saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ always rings true but once Janelle finally realizes that her enemy is right in front of her, will it be too late?

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