Keisha and Trigga 3: A Gangster Love Story
Porscha Sterling

Keisha and Trigga 3: A Gangster Love Story

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'Keisha, if you ain't got nobody, you always got me. And I'm all you really need." - Trigga

With Kiesha's life in the hands of Lloyd aka Black, the leader of the ruthless EPG crew, Trigga has his mind set on bloodshed and he is determined to hit up every single traphouse in Atlanta that belongs to him until he can flush him out and get his beloved Keisha back. But after enduring weeks of torture and starvation at the hands of a man who is seeking revenge on her for what she's done, will Keisha be the same girl he fell in love with?

Keisha's had her share of thugs in her lifetime but never has she ever come as close to danger as she has since she fell for Trigga. In a matter of months, she's gone from hiding dope in her house to now taking bullets...all in the name of love. But when she finds out that she has another life to consider, will she have the strength to stand by Trigga's side and be his gangsta chick or will she decide that the street life is too much for her to bear?

With Trigga determined to take revenge on Lloyd, not only for what he's done to Queen but also for what he's done to the woman he loves, Lloyd has no room for error so he calls in his cousin Austin to level the field in his favor. Austin is a certified thug who runs any and everything happening around Dallas and even has the respect of Lloyd's EPG team in Atlanta. But when he comes into the city with his eyes set on more than helping Lloyd take control of his crew, his loyalty comes into question. When all is said and done, will Lloyd end up with two enemies instead of one?

Trigga's twin brother, Mase, is still regretful of the decision he made to end his brother's life but, after finding out that he's alive, he's hopeful that Trigga isn't aware of the mistake he almost made. But when his path finally crosses with Trigga's, he realizes that he only has revenge in mind and that means deadly consequences for Mase. Will Mase be able to right his wrongs with Trigga before it's too late?

In the street life, love and loyalty are the most sought after commodities. With Keisha and Trigga holding on to their love, will they be able to put their faith into the ones closest to them to remain loyal? Find out in this third installment of Keisha and Trigga.

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